An Australian Garden

The life in your garden 

The diversity of Australian native plants available today is extensive, with many home owners seeking to grow them in their gardens.  Regardless of whether planning is for large or small gardens, in urban settings, or natural landscapes, there are many native plant species and cultivars to choose from.

Our native plants are unique, with varying flower colours and forms, differing barks, leaf colour and textures. Together with the fragrances of plants as Lemon-scented Gums, Native Mints, Native Frangipani, and Boronias. 

In their natural environment native plants grow and survive at times under harsh conditions, and often do not appear their best. In the garden, however, we want plants to flourish, thrive, and develop into beautiful and inspiring gardens.

To assist with bringing out the best in native plants, there are a number of things we can do.

i)   To know your soil type and condition. Its structure, texture, and pH will assist with your plant selection.

ii)  When preparing garden beds for planting natives, raised beds or mounds, provide better drainage, soil enviroment, and allow you to plant and choose a greater range of native plants.

iii) To assist with plant establishment and garden maintenance, use a natural mulch, this will assist to condition your soil, save water, and limit weed growth. 

iv)  Native plants will respond to a some pruning, a small amount of fertilizer, and water during the warmer months.

Landscape design and establishment

Riverina Wildflowers has a landscape design and plant establishment service. We specialise in planning, development and establishment of native gardens, restoration and use of natural areas.

The design for greater effeciency and sustainable use of water and energy, through irrigation planning design, raingardens, and wetlands.

We provide designs for established gardens where change or renovation is sought.

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Why Australian Native Plants

The life in your garden

Australia has over 25,000 species of native plants, growing in various regions and climates throughout the country. With such diversity there are native plants suitable for your garden.

As well as being beautiful inclusions in the garden, native plants have other attributes around the home or general landscaping. Providing shade and shelter, create microclimates, and habitat to encourage native wildlife to use and be present in your garden.

Native plants are adapted to persist during periods of adverse conditions, in soils that are generally low in nutrients, evolving to be tolerant and resilient . 

Planting indigenous plants (local provenance) will help conserve the diversity of your local flora and fauna. 

A Little About Us

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Riverina Wildflowers Native Nursery is owned and managed by Mike Schultz. Specialising in the production of Australian native plants suited to the home garden, urban and rural landscapes, and revegetation and rehabilitation using local provenace species.

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